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By Nicole Mae

10 “Ladies” Who Should Sell Avon On The Side


If I had to choose where I fell on this list, I’d be #4, #6 and #7. Here’s my list of 10 women that should sell Avon on the side because it just makes sense.

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1| Ladies unimpressed with L.A. Colors & Wet N Wild 


When I was younger, this was all I could afford and at that time makeup tutorials online were not around. Have you ever purchased a beautiful eye shadow quad and when you get it home, it barely shows up on your eye lids? A wet brush could help but why go through that again? Avon has highly pigmented quads and specialty palettes that debut throughout the year exclusively for Avon reps. 

2| Beauty School Students


Those enrolled in beauty school are typically going to school full time. I can imagine there isn’t much time to work a full time job in beauty school. A few extra bucks goes a long way if you sell Avon on the side and suggest Avon products to your clients while you’re working your  required beauty hours. 

3| Full Time Students


I love to mention the Avon opportunity to anyone looking to save money but don’t want to compromise on quality. The college messy high bun is the cutest style paired with a little Avon Magix Tinted Moisturizer and a birthday gloss…..and then hit the classes for the day. 

4| Makeup Addicts


I wouldn’t ask you to give up all of your favorite name brands in beauty. Just consider paying only a portion for your basic necessities leaving you with extra money to spend on those more expensive name brands. Those of you who buy skin care way before you run out of your current one, or buy targeted treatments for anti-aging, or finally those who love a variety of lip colors, joining Avon makes sense

5| Instagram & social media models


Do you have a large group of Instagram followers? You may advertise for other companies from time to time for a small percentage of commission. If you were an actual Avon representative, you’d receive all of the commission and not have to share it with another company. Here are some unconventional ways for anyone to promote their Avon business on social media as an influencer.

6| Keep It Simple Ladies


Avon does have some bold colors in the collection. But if you’re a simple gal who happens to be more focused on skincare, tinted moisturizer, and light gloss, Avon makeup and skincare are a perfect quality and price for you. Quick to apply, long lasting throughout the day plus Avon tinted moisturizer tubes are less than $15 and have enough to last for over a month. 

7| Skin Care Gurus


Sunday mask & pamper day anyone? Some women with sensitive skin don’t trust many brands. I’m happy that Avon has skincare products for sensitive skin, redness, dryness, hyper pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines around the eyes & mouth, and so many other treatments. There’s honestly something for everyone by way of skincare in the Avon Anew, Belif, Hydra Fusion, or Korean beauty solutions by Avon

8| Muslim Women


I’ve always admired Muslim women for their decision to wear their hijab. Wearing their headpiece of course accentuates the face, makeup, cheekbones, eyes, lips, nose, eye brows etc. The collection of Avon glosses and lipsticks is over 100+. A Muslim woman would never run out of perfect lip colors. Next, spray our Avon Setting Spray to hold it all in place for the rest of the day.

9| Drag Queens/Female Impersonators


Female impersonators made this list because it can be difficult for some to shop openly & comfortably for beauty tools. Plus having a makeup business where like minded friends can purchase from you is a big bonus. Use your Facebook stories to highlight your Avon looks, products, and sales. 

10| Teachers 


Teachers not only don’t get paid enough but they always seem to be running from here to there and everywhere. Every year I give my daughter’s teachers some Avon goodies and they absolutely love it. Teachers need to feel pretty too but without the added costs of expensive makeup brands. Having an Avon business solely for the discount can come in handy. Then during the summer when schools out, she will make some extra spending money.