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By Nicole Mae

Avon Selling Tips And 10 Ways To Get More Avon Sales

Tips for how to get more sales with Avon from your current customers.

Frustrated with your Avon business? Need solid and true tips that work? I’m going to share 10 Avon selling tips that work to get repeat sales.

Yesterday, I spent $135 on something that someone else recommended to me.

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How does this relate to Avon repeat customers?

When you’ve worked hard to get Avon customers, Avon is working to make sure your customers come to you as a recommendation.

Out of all the Avon selling tips I’ve shared and read, these have been the most difficult to adhere to. Ironically they’re also a few of the most important.

10 Tips To Get Repeat Sales With Avon

(Especially when you’re starting out)

  • Always send a thank you card or samples.
  • It starts with lipstick. Sell lipstick first and often times the rest comes after.
  • Use it, wear it, talk about it.
  • Acknowledge customer birthdays & special holidays.
  • Keep an Avon decal on your driver’s side back seat window for drive through connections.
  • Know their preferred method of contact and stick by it.
  • Send them a video or introduction at least once.
  • Ask them to follow your Avon Facebook page or give free samples to join your Avon FB group.
  • Use Campaign Mailer!

Customers who place more than 3 orders in a 3 month period share the Avon Rep benefits with them.

The best Avon reps genuinely love Avon products and answering questions about them. We buy them, we use them, and we’re loyal to them.

A loyal Avon customer can be there best Avon Representative. She’ll buy, share, and fall in love with her savings even more.