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By Nicole Mae

11 Creative, Sensual Ways To Promote Your Avon Business

asian girl laying upside down
Selling Avon can be fun, exciting, inspiring, and incredibly sensual with the right mindset and some creativity when you're off and want to promote your Avon business online.

The right beauty products, plus natural confidence help go a long way to making you feel gorgeous.These creative ways to sell Avon online with a sensual touch can help any confident Avon representative. 

Tip #1 Social Proof

Choose 3 favorite Avon lipsticks or lip glosses. Take a photo of yourself using a phone selfie light and wearing each one (Original photos get the most shares on Pinterest)

Don’t forget to use a photo editing app like Canva or Spark to add in the color details on the photo for new Avon customers

Confidence is sexy and that will come across through your photos. (and if you’re having an off day, fake it till you make it)

For each photo, link back to the product on your Avon estore! *You can post the photos from the shoulders up and show off your shoulders also*

girl with red lipstick


Tip #2 Body Positive

What’s the sexiest part of your body? That thing you always get complimented on? Is it your legs? Or maybe your lips or feet?  Let’s say it’s your legs. This photo of Taylor Swift below could be you holding a bottle of Avon Dazzle Drops.

Another idea, choose to only show your legs holding your favorite moisturizer. Set your phone on a 10 second timer and play around with settings for the perfect picture. Don’t forget to get a phone selfie light ring. 

If you find the right backdrop in your home, continue using that same setting for capturing other Avon products you love.

Always post photos with links back to the item on your Avon estore. 

Taylor Swift sitting down

Tip #3 Use Lipstick /Gloss

Mystery has always been considered sexy. Most lipstick swatches are done on the arm or hand.

Find a unique way to display lipstick swatches for colorful and creative ways to sell Avon online. 

For example, you could present 3 color swatches near a tattoo you like or match your lipstick to your clothes and snap a photo like the one below.

And everyone loves free lipstick samples too.

Woman's hand holding red lipstick.

 Tip #4 Get Personal

I had to mention this one because it’s something I’m proud to have highlighted myself.

When posting on Instagram, Facebook, or your Avon social, use the #gorgeousavonreps hashtag for general selfies.

Even if they don’t contain Avon products in the photo, use it.

Valery, Avon Representative

This Avon rep used the hashtag when she posted her beautiful wedding photos. Congratulations Valery.

Since I started the popular hashtag, it’s been used with over 1,000 posts on Instagram and counting.

Tip #5 Who Are You?

Finding ways to stand out from the crowd can be intimidating. But once you zone into who you really are and what really occupies your thoughts, it’s quite sexy.

Many of my posts have a parenting angle. I’m a single Mom so that’s huge for me.

I also love birds. So I posted this one highlighting how my makeup made me proud that hot summer day.

Tip #6 Be Authentic

What’s more sexy than confidence? Not much else. This is why I love Britny. She’s an Avon rep who loves doing “Get Ready w/Me” videos on her Facebook page. Britny flawlessly uses Facebook to grow her Avon business

Avon Representative Brittny sell Avon online only

The kids are usually nearby and somehow she manages to finish the video with ease. She makes it look easy. We all could use that kind of balance. If you’re interested in making “get ready with me” videos, I suggest creating a DIY vanity with a little more lighting.

The way we care for our kids and still find time to pamper ourselves is the ultimate sexy.

Tip #7 Fashion Looks

Avon has savvy hair & fashion bloggers all over the country. They typically blend Avon fashion with other key details to create stunning looks.

This blogger loves our new Chi Hair care collection. Do you agree it’s an easy sexy look for her?

Avon blogger who sells Avon online only

Tip #8 Get Involved

Get involved with causes Avon cares about. Nothing is more caring than giving your time to show up for causes that matter to women and people!

Whether it’s Avon Breast Cancer Awareness or the fight against domestic violence, you can get involved.

Your next recruit could be Fighting these same issues and find inspiration in your story.

Domestic Violence Awareness by Avon

Tip #9 Get your s/o on board

Are you married or dating someone who supports anything you try? Get your partner involved with your business which turns into another one of the creative ways to sell Avon online. 

Some creative ways to do this would involve your s/o wearing a piece of Avon jewelry or attending an event with you.

Selfie couple photos highlighting Avon products are adorable and sexy.

Business couple

Tip #10 Makeovers

Team up with a MUA or someone in cosmetology school. (We all know at least one person doing either!) Talk about what you could do together to collaborate and create a look for someone unsuspecting and deserving. If you know anyone locally, ask around for prices to do a photoshoot of you in exchange for free advertising.

Or you can always use your phone portrait mode and take some very pretty shots using the timer.

Most people use a phone stand when they conduct their own phone photo shoots. 

Before & After Avon makeover photo

Tip #11 Put your cape on

What are your talents? And supermom is a wonderful suggestion but this one pertains to only you. If you have a vision board, or an inspiring notebook, things like this remind you of how talented you are.

Can you bake well? Decorate your home nicely? Play an instrument? Or maybe you’re a business owner doing something completely opposite from makeup and beauty.

Team up with another Avon Representatives in your area and host a grown and sexy booth with Avon feel good items to pamper ladies. Local parks typically host small fairs where you have a booth available. All you have to do is bring the accessories for a booth set up so that visitors know your business. 

Find ways to blend your natural talents with your Avon current or future business and you will still be able to find sexy ways to sell Avon online.