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The Stuff Moms Know

By Nicole Mae

14 Avon Selling Tips Every Rep Should Know When Starting Avon

These 14 Avon selling tips will work for any new representative.

Affiliate Disclosure

Hello! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from them, I will receive a portion of the sale at no extra cost to you.

This business is tough right? For me, it’s been a journey of love much like you and especially since you’re trying to grow your Avon business. Smile, be friendly and try these tips.

1.) You don’t have to purchase a ton of brochures…or any at all.

As you know, you can share your estore on Pinterest and not send out any brochures. But you also want to send loyal customers a paper copy and free sample.

I use Campaign Mailer to reach those clients and Campaign Mailer sends them a brochure and sample for me for a small fee.

It’s worth it if you have a little to invest in your customer base.


2.) You don’t have to post on Instagram twice a day.

Quality is always better than quantity but let me tell you what can be annoying to a potential customer on Instagram or Facebook?

Posting more than 2 selfies a day, multiple times a week doesn’t give your customers an opportunity to miss your beautiful face! Limit close up selfies to match the grid of your profile on Instagram.

If you have to post your stunning face twice, make it two completely different looks that shock and awe!

3.) You don’t have to knock on any doors or throw brochures in yards.

More than 70% of online purchases are being made on mobile devices in 2019. That number is likely to rise.

Your sales will come from social media connections over time.

Since Pinterest gives visitors a direct link to your estore, try to post the Avon products that are currently on sale!

 4.) You don’t have to be pushy or “salesy.”

In fact, only 20% of your posts should be about Avon. That sounds crazy right? 😳 It’s true.

The other 80% should be giving your friends and followers an idea about how you go about your day.

If you’re in school, travel out of town for the weekend, or hang out with friends, post about it.

Beauty Tools

I was following a young lady on IG that had a 365 day lipstick challenge. In fact, every day of the year, she wore a different color lipstick. I’m sure she had to have a beautiful stock pile!

Her IG feed was all selfies but it made sense. I haven’t seen her in a while but I remembered looking forward to her daily looks.

Even though the only thing that changed was the lip color!

5.) Avon is THE BEST at marketing to new representatives. Stay Strong.

Our Avon marketing team is unbelievable. You will witness something new launching every campaign (every 2 weeks) and it will either blow your mind or you’ll pass on it.

Only buy what you’ll really use or can sell easily. Otherwise you’re just wasting money.


6.) There are no minimum purchase amounts so use your samples wisely!

Did you know that as an Avon Rep you have access to hundreds of samples? Samples as low as $1.50 per pack are always available for Avon Reps to order.

Reach out to online bloggers and inquire if they’d like a lippie sample to demo in a video.

7.) Avon sales reps are the biggest Avon buyers.

I’ve just noticed that we’re truly in love with Avon. What does this mean for business?

Well, it means that the best way to earn money with Avon is to recruit new reps and help them get their first order in! 

It also means that Avon is making lots of money on Avon rep purchases. So if that’s the case, recruit, recruit, recruit. And share the great deals.

8.) You will be promoted instantly with Avon if you do this.

Once you’re in, have a friend, sister, or your Mom sign up under you and place their order. Place your order too and you’ll be promoted with Avon.

You’ll receive a leadership email and your discount rises to 40% off everything you order. 

Truly think about starting a fundraiser. It’s easy and the sales go towards your earnings for Presidents Club.

9.) Find the products you love with Avon and help others do the same. Read the reviews!

Read product reviews! They will tell you about the products you haven’t purchased yet and help you recommend them to others.

10.) Sell to people like you or who you can relate to.

Who will your customer base be? Coworkers? Family? Instagram followers? You can’t take over everyone at the same time because each has a different approach.

When I started, I focused on recruiting. I have success with recruiting Avon Reps just by sharing samples and coming up with clever ways to market Mom’s (like me), bloggers, and Youtubers. 

But always know what type of customers are attracted to you. And those customers are most likely very similar to you and will buy from you.


11.) Find a way to stand out from others if you start a blog.

I can’t count how many times I’ve read about blogging to make sales with Avon. Yet with all of the Avon blogs online, most of them get lost among the countless Google pages and no one sees them.

It took my blog 2 years and over 65 blog posts to make 1st page on Google for selling Avon online. It’s tough competition to be an Avon blogger, no doubt.

My advice is to find a way to stand out from others and your blog will be seen the way you’re reading mine now. Google likes creativity.

12.) Avon Reps are the main people viewing Avon blogs online.

The majority of visitors to your blog will be other Avon reps.

Have something on your blog that they can learn from and you’ll get more website clicks, visits, and better rankings on Google. Share what works for you with your Avon sisters!

13.) You only need 3 loyal customers and 3 recruits for success with Avon.

If you have 3 customers who place orders with you often, treat them well! Give them samples, and offer to be their personal shopper during gift seasons.

These type of customers help your orders when you aren’t placing any for yourself.

Recruit 3 people who place orders regularly for themselves + maintain 2-3 regular customers and you’ll be closer to winning all expense paid vacation prizes with Avon and/or free product for yourself and President’s Club.

women smiling with phones

14.) Don’t let the Avon commission chart confuse you.

I remember being so confused about the Avon commission chart. So here’s an easy breakdown for you in common sense terms. Start with ordering your personal orders.

Try to make them at least $40. Buy the same hygiene items you buy at Walmart each month.

-Recruit 1 person who will do the same as you.

-Recruit a 2nd person who will do the same as you.

-Recruit a 3rd person who will do the same as you.

By working your Avon online business this way, you’ll receive bonuses when your team members place their orders.

Updated Avon Commission

Starting in Campaign 3 2020, Contender & Star promoters with less than $5000 in annual sales will receive an increase in commission percentage from 20% to 25% for all orders of beauty items at least $40. 

There will no longer be any commission rewarded for sales under $40.

Contender $0 – $39.99 0% 0%
Contender $40.00 + 25% 20%
Premier No minimum $5,000 30% 20%


Avon Premier Level

The newest level of recognition status is now the Premier Sales Level. For representatives who earn $5000 in annual sales, commission will be 30% off for one full year.


Starting January 8 in Campaign 3, commissions will be based on sales level versus order size, consistent and guaranteed! And now you have more time to earn your sales level.

Contender $0 – $39.99 0% 0%
Contender $40.00 + 25% 20%
Premier No minimum $5,000 30% 20%