16 Hidden Avon Selling Tips In Your Avon Store

Hello friends! Hidden Avon selling tips and Inspo coming right up! Are you a fairly new Avon Rep with a not so helpful leader? Here’s 16 tips and also pages within your Avon website that will absolutely get you inspired to make money with Avon.

Affiliate Disclosure

Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

It was on my mind to jot down these really important, and often times forotten Avon selling tips that you can find within your personal Avon store. These tips inspired me and helped me grow my email following from 0 to 100+ subscribers when I first started out a few years ago.

#1 The Avon Giveaways

#2 The How To Section

#3 Mascara Brush Guide

#4 Social Photo Gallery

#5 Essential Oils For The Win

#6 Avon Solutions (affordable skincare)

#7 Front Page Video

#8 Avon Find Your Shade

#9 Best Sellers Page

#10 Gift & Value Sets Page

#11 Press Mentions & Bragging Rights

#12 Avon Insider Blog, Beauty

#13 Insider Gift Guide For Customers

#14 Insider Anti-Aging Skin Care Guide

#15 Holistic Products & Yoga

#16 Avon & Women of Color

#1 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – The Avon Giveaways

Find the monthly giveaway on your Avon back office by following the steps.

15 Details About Avon Free Giveaways

  • Head to your Avon online store
  • Click the Menu button at the top left
  • Go to Sales & Specials
  • Then go to Featured Offers
  • Find the Sweepstakes entry
  • No Purchase Necessary
  • Avon Reps Can Enter!!!
  • No Subscription Necessary
  • Packages have multiple gifts
  • I’ve heard there are multiple winners
  • Free to sign up
  • Popular Avon Products always included
  • Retail value always over $1000
  • Must be 18 years old and U.S. resident
  • Winners are announced 14 days after giveaway deadline each month
  • Winner names are public information that can be obtained from Avon corporate
  • Winners are notified via email
  • Winners under 18 can transfer the prizes to legal guardian
  • Odds of winning each month depend on the entries received
  • Avon hourly/salary employees not eligible to enter

#2 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – The How To Section

If you’re posting anything about Avon on social media, or in a group message or facebook group, don’t forget to use the How To section for info and to share links! Your How To section (on mobile device) can be found under the Menu and then How To’s.

Wow factor…this section has a LOT of hidden gems! Not only can you try on lipstick virtually, but one of my favorites is the Mascara guide. It shows you exactly what type of mascara Avon brushes you should look for to get that desired lash look.

Here are some catagories you can find within the Skin Care section of Avon’s How To:

  • how to get rid of dark eye circles
  • how to brighten skin
  • how to choose a skin tightening serum
  • how to find the best eye cream
  • how to treat rough & bumpy skin
  • how to & anti-wrinkle tips
  • how to get flawless brows
  • how to choose an insect repellent
  • and how to become an Avon Representative…

Here are some categories you can find within the makeup section of Avon’s How To:

  • how to contour and highlight in 4 steps
  • how to apply highlighter
  • how to contour your face to look younger
  • how to contour your face to look slimmer
  • how to tone your neck
  • how to create a lifted look

I use these Avon How To section links within my Newsletter. When you use a newsletter platform like Constant Contact, you’ll instantly know who opened your email and what they clicked on.

#3 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Mascara Brush Guide

Every woman has had that one mascara that we love more than anything. What we didn’t know was that the reason we loved it so much was because of the lash brush. The right mascara lash brush makes all the difference.

People remember when you share information that may not benefit the person sharing.

#4 Get Noticed & Shine – Avon Social Gallery

This section can be tricky to find because it’s listed under menu, and New & Now. But it’s also on your front page. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you’ll see the placemat for Avon Social Gallery.

The best way to get your photo selected is to make sure it’s an unfiltered photo and try using a new Avon product that’s just been released. New products are ones that Avon corporate are looking to showcase and build reviews for.

#5 Popular & Necessary – Avon Essential Oils

I buy Essential oils that help my daughter breathe better when she’s fighting a cold. This is one of those Avon selling points you can relay to your team.

Did you know that you don’t necesarily need an oil diffuser to use oils for fragrance in your home?

Many people just pour a little of the oils into a pot with a cup of water and let it simmer. This method easily engulfs the entire house in smell good heaven.

#6 Affordable & Highly Rated – Avon Solutions & ClearSkin

This grandfathered Avon skincare line was so popular that Avon had to keep it. With a little new packaging, look at the review totals! All of the Avon Skin solutions are priced to cater to anyone.

My personal favorites are the banishing and replenishing creams!

Even the most price conscious woman can afford any of the products in this Avon skincare line. Actually, what I love the most is how long each container lasts.

#7 Customizing Video Embed – Front Page

This is a tip particularly for new Avon reps. I personalized my Avon home page and replaced an Avon module with my own personal YouTube video. The Best way to stand out in your Avon business is to have a personalized Avon estore that has a welcome video from you.

#8 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Find Your Shade Match

New foundations really annoy me. Having to find the right shade is a pain. Copy the link to this page and either send it as a text or place it as a sticky on your social media links page.

Also try networking with other Reps in FB groups to get shade ideas.

#9 New Sales Tip – Best Sellers Page

Any time I try something new, I’m curious to find the best sellers. In turn, Avon’s best sellers page has products with the highest review ratings in case anyone is concerned about quality.

Find the best sellers page under New and Now. Personally, the skin care and makeup best sellers really shine on this page.

#10 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Gift & Value Sets Page

Surprise! There’s a Gift & Value Sets page for each of these categories.

Skin Care Gift Sets – Great for Mother’s Day gift ideas, new customers, Avon lovers, family

Makeup Gift Sets – Great for teens, tweens, friends, family, BFF gifts, new customers, daughters

Bath & Body Gift Sets – Birthdays, bosses, friends, family, new customers, teachers, new Moms, medical professionals, single Moms

Fragrance Gift Sets – Friends, family, Avon lovers, new customers

Jewlery Gift Sets – Tweens, Teens, Mom, new customers, friends, family,

Glam Gift Sets (Special Occasion…prom etc) – All special occasions

#11 Avon Bragging Rights – Avon Press Mentions

Press Mentions used to be my favorite spot to brag and post about! Let’s talk about anytime Avon is featured in a major publication, with product highlights and awards!

#12 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Avon Insider Blog, Beauty

Insider Blog was my go-to for learning about what this company really stood for. In addition to inspiration, you’ll find helpful do-it-yourself tips and knowledge that you can spread to your team and customers.

#13 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Insider Blog Gift Guide

Have you noticed this is the second time I’ve mentioned gift giving? It’s because gifts are a sure fire way to give to the person who has everything. Why is that?

Well because even the person who may have everything, doesn’t have Avon in many cases.

#14 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Insider Blog Anti-Aging Guide

I honestly can’t use any other skin regimen. I tried other big name brands and it’s never worked out. If you’re over there looking 10 x’s younger than your age, you’re a walking billboard for Avon skincare already. Easy sell.

#15 Hidden Avon Selling Tips – Holistic Beauty Products

Holistic living involves living in balance with your mind, body, and spirit. It involves things like buying organic, eating more nutritiously, meditating, keeping physically active, joining a yoga class, getting a massage, and more.”

Those living a holistic lifestyle include yogi’s, natural borth Moms, vegans, and others who are extra careful about what they allow to touch their skin. Avon has tapped into a niche of women and men who want a natural approach to daily cleanliness.

#16 Empowered WOC – Gyrl Wonder

I found this organization that you can find within your own Avon store. Avon is nurturing partnerships accordingly which is an honorable start. Share this knowledge with other black and brown women of color & those who support diversity to paint the picture of inclusion within the Avon brand.