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The Stuff Moms Know

By Nicole Mae

28 Ways To Feel Younger After 40 That Don’t Mention Exercise

40 may be the new 20, but none of us stop learning no matter our age. Here’s actually 30 updated things you can do to feel younger after 40.

We already know we could stand to lose a few pounds. But what about the other stuff?!

After some drunk and sober research, my friends and I did some polling and found things in common with people over 40 who feel 28!

Affiliate Disclosure

Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

Here are 30 ways to feel younger after 40. And we couldn’t wait to share them with you!

1|Teach someone something that amazes them and comes easy for you.

2|Buy after market wheels for your car. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but customizing is a playful, youthful way to say you’re savvy.

3|Get some meaningful ink. There’s a reason so many people love tattoos. It can be therapeutic.

4|Get a professional full body massage if you’ve never had one. You’ll just feel amazing after.

5|Update your purse/wallet. If you’ve been using the same wallet or purse for a while, try it.

6|Go out to the sports bar during an MMA or Boxing match. Watching two guys duke it out is like real life video gaming. The crowd is always a nice little mix.

7|Go to a late movie premiere, like midnight. Staying up late just because is cute.

8|Only search for your age range on the dating app. Don’t forget to change this filter before they show you the million under 25 profiles.

9|If your s/o never wants to go out on the town with you, go alone or with friends.

10|Go to the gun range with a friend. There’s youth in powerful moments.

11|Get some over ear headphones. Not just music producers and basketball players can rock those!

12|Actually go out with your coworkers sometimes instead of always staying home.

13|Find a hangout where most of the regulars are older than you. You may absorb some knowledge as the youngest one there.

14|Buy some Nike Air Max. Even if you don’t work out, those kicks are exceptionally gorgeous and the color options are youthful.

15|Laugh more, worry less. Try anxiety/depression meds if you don’t feel balanced. It may change your life.

16|Have a garment in your wardrobe tailored to fit you just right. Search for patterns and have a seamstress create something just for you.

17|Schedule a professional photo shoot, either casual or for your business.

18|Find a new hobby.

19|Listen to more music.

20|Find an entertaining, like-minded podcast you enjoy.

21|Join a club. (book, fitness, bowling, parenting etc)

22|Enjoy some self love time or intimacy with a partner.

23|Forgive a friend or family member and let it be known.

24|Contact family members that you’ve been wanting to reach out to.

25|Send birthday and holiday cards. The spirit of giving incites a natural high.

26|Research an effective body cleanse and stick to it.

27|Schedule a barber/salon appointment to have your hair washed (enjoy the scalp massage)  and styled.

28|Have your makeup professionally done.

Plus 2 more….

29| Get a dog who will have you outside more.

30| Turn the music up when you’re in the car by yourself.

As a Mom over 40, I fall back on my Avon products to help me feel younger. Some of my Avon favorites really have kept me wrinkle free so far and I’m grateful.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’d try anything on the list.