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By Nicole Mae

3 Avon Makeup Products That Will Change Your Life

I sell Avon online only just to be able to wear Avon Magix.

I sell Avon online only because I love MagixMagix changed my life for a few reasons. But the main one is because I don’t feel like I’m wearing a pound of makeup anymore and I’m a full coverage girl.

What’s MAGIX?


Just when I thought I had found the holy grail of favorite foundations, Avon messed me up by releasing MAGIX. 

In New Orleans this summer, I had a chance to attend an Avon Rep Fest where everyone who sells Avon online comes together it’s a yearly party for Avon reps). At the expo, they introduced this MAGIX  line and I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. But I kept the faith and returned home with some full size demos to try it out.

The Magix Line 


Tint | Moisturize | Blur 


Blurs Imperfections

Won’t settle into lines and pores

Infused with botanical extracts

Boosts Moisture

Vegan, Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and approved

The Holy Grail of Face Perfecting

Instantly hides the look of uneven skin texture

Reduces the apperance of pores

Contains a blend of Fleece Flower & Rose Extract

SPF 20

Colorless gel to powder formula suitable for all skin tones

Dermatologist tested oil free, non-comedogenic

All In One Complexion Perfection


Visibly smooths and evens texture

Helps control oil and shine for all day freshness

Buildable sheer to full coverage

Infused with shea butter and antioxidant vitamin E

Vegan, paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free

*Online pricing subject to change during promotions.*

My Final Thoughts On Magix

I ditched the Avon foundation I previously thought was my go-to and now I’m a faithful Chai shade of Avon Magix foundation stick. It’s medium to full coverage and does exactly what it says.

Avon has a tendency to discontinue products from time to time. When I tell you my feelings would be crushed if they discontinued Magix, I’m not kidding.

The colorless Prime Face Protector made me a believer of primers. I have never tried them and always thought it was a waste of time, until now.

It’s The 3 Must Have Avon Products For Makeup Lovers

Unfortunately, the only one of these that offers a sample is the primer. You can request to receive an Avon brochure and get free samples of other best selling Avon products online.

If you’re interested in having fun playing in makeup like I do when I sell Avon online & not spending a fortune in Sephora every other week, consider starting your own Avon business and blog.

The Magic Of Selling Avon Online Only

It’s really easy to sell Avon online from your iPhone. All I do is enjoy my Avon products and blog about them on my WordPress blog. I also use a company that ships Avon brochures to my customers who live all over the country. This company is also responsible for shipping free samples.

It costs me about $20/mo. Which is money well spent to ship 30 brochures and get 15-20 orders over $50.

Here’s How It Works

Customers flip through the book and I wake up to order confirmations in my email. It’s really that easy. Avon pays me direct deposit commission after the customer orders ship.

Sometimes I have a balance on my Avon account from my own personal orders. When that’s the case, my commission gets credited towards that balance to zero it out.

Thus I end up not paying a dime for my Avon Magix addictions.

Pinterest Is A Gold Mine For Avon Reps

The 16 options that Magix foundation sticks come in are a wide range of shades to include women of color in deep browns. The packaging for Avon Magix is so trendy! All I do is share photos of Avon Magix’s color wheel and people are instantly intrigued by this new launch. Not to mention it’s fairly priced.