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By Nicole Mae

3 Really Cute Ways To Make Money With Avon With Lipstick & Fundraising

Make money with Avon using some cute and creative ideas that you can do from your phone to increase your Avon sales. Use fundraising to promote yourself to premium Leader.
Make Money With Avon
(It’s really 4 tips!)

Make money with Avon using these cute ways.

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The magic in having success with Avon is hardly any magic at all. All the fancy, girly, inexpensive treasures that ladies love have already been curated for you. As Avon Reps, we just share it. Make money with Avon just by starting with lipstick.

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1| Avon Fundraising (not as difficult as it seems)

make money avon with fundraisers

Worthy causes that pull on our heart strings are always in need of Fundraising. You may wonder, “But how do fundraisers earn money in my Avon business?”

I’ll explain. For every sale (of Finley The Fox) generated towards your chosen fundraiser, you receive earnings by way of award sales. This simply means that it counts towards your sales earned.

How fundraising helps your Avon business.

At the end of the year, fundraising is the biggest assist in helping Avon Representatives achieve the prestigious President’s Club level achievement.

My advice is to choose a cause that you’re passionate about. Your child’s school or job has more than enough options to choose from. Even better, Avon provides the advertisements for fundraising at no cost!

2|Mix Business With Pleasure On Facebook

make money avon with facebook

If you already have a personal FB page, don’t be afraid to use it. Organize a bundle photo of lipstick, mascara, a moisturizer & perfume and/or jewelry. These should be Avon buys you either have not been able to sell or ones that you were lucky enough to snag on an Avon clearance deal

Choose between a 3-5 item bundle and set your price. Remember the purpose is to sell it, and not spend any money doing so. For a bit more detail, use the Avon free bags (available in Avon free sales tools on your back office) and some leftover holiday ribbon to finish the look. I’m not against re-purposing a paper gift bag either! Take pictures of your bundle, set your price, and let your local customers know.

(Tip: You can offer free delivery in exchange for a name & email referral.)

3| Make Money With Avon Using a Mobile Office

make money with avon in your car

Between Pinterest & Youtube there’s hope that you can pull off this DIY mobile office with no stress. Something about DIY projects and me don’t get along. But I have all of the faith in you! Cater to your lifestyle and tweak it just right for you.

For example, if you’re a shy Avon rep, keep reading for some easy ways to make money with Avon. 

4| Make Money With Avon Hosting A Monthly Raffle

make money avon with raffle tickets

When people find out that you sell Avon online, have some tickets in your bag or car. Instead of just asking for their info to contact them (which could be intimidating for shy Avon reps), ask if they’d like to be entered into your bundle giveaway raffle. Every month, choose a different winner and watch your business grow from this easy way to get more Avon customers. 

woman with avon top

For those that didn’t win, you’ll still be adding their email addresses to your Avon database to receive VIP announcements and Avon promotions. I’ve always thought it was a great idea to start an Avon Newsletter, but I just don’t have the time. If you’ve got time, I say go for it. Blogging about Avon or writing newsletters are both ways to allow others to learn more about you and feel connected to you. 

Having an Avon business is at the heart your go-to for keeping up with fashion and beauty trends worldwide. 

Of course what I love the most is how you can accomplish high sales with Avon & sell Avon online only from only your phone.

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Become An Avon Representative online