Avon Selling Tips

4 Business Paths To Getting Your First Avon Sales

Keep in mind that these are short break downs that have the ability to make getting that first sale simpler. By all means, mix and match and get creative with your ideas and only use these as a starting point. As always, don’t give up!

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Have you gotten your first Avon sale yet? Even with only 2 hours a week, here are  4 plans to get you going towards that first sale. 

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1|Create An Avon Group – Work 2 Hours Per Week

Bebe: Be Everything You Want to Be! We’re simplifying your wardrobe. Be chill, strong, glam, sexy, bold, but above it all be YOU.

Creating an Avon group is great for those who have a loyal friend base on Facebook. If your friends view your Facebook stories and interact with you, start an Avon FB group to get your first Avon sale of many. Send an invite to all the people you’d like to invite. Facebook helps you do this very quickly by just clicking an add button next to each person from your friend list.

  1. The first 30 minutes will be reviewing Avon Social and posting at least 5 posts of the best deals that week. 
  2. The next 30 minutes would be used to post video tutorials you think your audience will like. 
  3. For another 30 minutes, gather email addresses and mailing addresses from your audience and add them to your Avon subscriber list. 
  4. And lastly, remind your friends about the Avon opportunity, how much it costs to sign up and how to go about doing so. 

Note: You should pin a post to the top of your FB group with details on how to shop your estore and how to become an Avon rep online. 

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2| Recruit 2 Family Members – Work 2 Hours Per Week

This is the way I decided to start working my Avon business in 2016. I recruited a couple of friends to start (at the time it was $15) and their starter kit was over $150 worth of products so it was a win-win. When they made orders, I received commission. I didn’t have to sell anything to anyone this way starting out but it counted as my first Avon sale.

  1. This first hour, use the Avon U resource library to print out the recruiting forms for new reps. There’s a bunch of ’em! Email or mail those to your team. Make sure you tell them about their discount. Just for fun, make sure your team signs up for their Avon Perks & Rewards on their back office. Believe it or not, those perks come in handy and can be used right away.
  2. The second hour, start a text chain for your team and invite them to join ALL of the helpful Avon selling groups on Facebook while tagging them in your favorite posts!

3| Start A Pinterest Page – Work 2 Hours Per Week

Pinterest gives an instant gratification that keeps you motivated. Within minutes after posting your pin, statistics start to show. Impressions are how many times your pin has appeared. Saves are how many time others have saved your pins.

Clicked is how many times someone has clicked to go directly to the link you provided within the pin. Within minutes I’ve gotten thousands of impressions and hundreds of saves. I love Pinterest!

  1. The first hour will be used finding pages you want to link within your Avon store. I personally love our recruiting page and how diverse it shows the Avon opportunities. Another favorite of mine is the monthly Avon sweepstakes page. My 3rd favorite pages are the How-To Video posts from Avon Insider. Lastly, I love the Avon In The News articles. These articles show which Avon products have received customer choice awards. For these, link these pins to their listing in your Avon store directly and post to Pinterest.
  2. After you have turned your personal Pinterest page into a business one, the 2nd hour will be spent creating pins. Use apps such as Canva to create pins that are 600×900 pixels. Most Pinterest tips will tell you that 600×900 pixel pins get the most clicks. (They’re the longer ones) It pays to research before pinning.
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4| Make Videos – Work 2 Hours per Week

The one thing I admire about anyone who makes a video is their courage. The message is so clear that your confidence is in tact when you can live stream or record yourself in the name of your business. Take a look at the most popular Avon videos by representatives. You’ll only see a handful for a reason and there’s room for you!

Spend a couple of hours a week recording yourself talking about either the Avon opportunity, demoing products, unboxing, or doing your makeup. A rule of thumb, the more natural the conversation the better. My favorite You-tuber talks about her issues with family and kids while putting on her makeup and I am drawn to watching her every time!