Avon Selling Tips

40 How To Sell Avon Online Tips You Need To Know

Before you give up, here are some tips to revive your AVON business,engage with new people,and team leadership tips.

40 How To Sell Avon Tips

(When you have no orders)


1| Make your previous customers VIP

2| Put a small Avon sticker on the driver side back window of your car.

3| Create a bundle of Avon samples and post it on Facebook.

4| Join as many large Avon FB groups as you can. 

5| Use Campaign Mailer for previous customers.

6| Share Avon videos from your store to Pinterest.

7| Share specific product links from your store to Pinterest. 

8| Plan to set up at a local function. 

9| Sign up to be in a local parade with your car. 

10| Hand out samples and business cards in the parade. (you’ll need a helper to drive)

11| Wear Avon perfume to work. 

12| Get previous customer birthdays and send cards/samples.

13| Give a teenager you know a sample gift bundle. (their family will want one too)

14| Have brochures ready when you go through drive thru’s 

15| Run a local Google ads campaign for Skin So Soft in the summer.

16| Join pet groups on FB and mention you have Skin So Soft.

17| Find model photos on Avon Social for blogs and new posts.

18|Use Avon social inspirational quotes on your FB page.

19| Offer a free lipstick sample drawing to 2 winners each month and collect email signups for it.

20| Make an AVON unboxing video.

21| Make a video showing lipstick swatches on your arm under running water.

22| Make a video showing eyeliner swatches under running water.

23| Post video, quote, or link to all of your social media channels.

24| Study influencers to learn techniques of how to not be nervous on social media.

25| YouTube is your friend. Use it.

26| Use Pinterest ad campaigns for your best viewed Pins

27| Take advantage of free enrollment and recruit, recruit, recruit. 

28| Read the reviews on your Avon estore to see what customers are liking about new products.

29| Go live on Facebook when opening Avon boxes. 

30| Have new recruits join Avon groups on Facebook for selling tips.

31| Spray brochures and business cards with Avon perfume.

32| Use Snap Chat for your Avon business to show products

33| Send birthday cards to customers.

34| Send birthday cards to your team members

35| Encourage using Avon U for new team members to learn best practices starting out.

36 |Talk to a mentor, don’t go at it alone. 

37 |Use specific product links from your e-store when posting. 

38| Buy a Gorgeous Avon Reps Tee & wear it :) 

39| Reach out to local hair stylists on Instagram or Facebook. Leave your cards at the shop with permission.

40| Last but not least, don’t give up. You are a boss. 



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