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By Nicole Mae

6 Ways To Use Facebook Stories For Avon Sales

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6 Ways To Use Facebook Stories For More Avon Sales

Facebook has so many ways to grow your an Avon business online. Here are 6 ways to use Facebook stories to get more Avon sales without harassing your friends.

If you’re new to Avon but seasoned on Facebook, this should be a great Facebook refresher.

Affiliate Disclosure

Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

Facebook stories will help you to gain more traction with your Avon business. Between recruiting and getting new Avon Reps or just calling some attention to new Avon products, Facebook stories help put your products on display.

They do so without flooding your friends’ time lines with your business posts.

Facebook is a very personal space for a lot of us. Recently Facebook changed their algorithm so that business related posts/ads have last priority over your friends and their posts.

This means that the only way to use Facebook for your Avon or any other business is to use Facebook stories. Below are some tips to help you do just that.


Nicole Mae

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FB Stories Selling Tip 1

UPDATED: You can now share your Avon estore via FB from your phone. Do this by sharing your digital Avon brochure located within your Avon bsck office.

(While using FB stories from your phone is convenient, you won’t be able to link your Avon products to FB stories . Instead use a PC or laptop and you’ll be able to link any product you want directly from your estore in your Facebook story.)

FB Stories Selling Tip 2

There are two ways to share links from your estore to Facebook stories. The first way is to do so from your desktop computer. The second way is to visit the page you’d like to share. From an iphone click the share icon, select Facebook, then select share to stories.

FB Stories Selling Tip 3

Add motion variables to your stories. Stories that have motion graphics have proven to get more link clicks.

FB Stories Selling Tip 4

Use the polls option for Facebook stories. Let’s say you want to giveaway a free lipstick to someone. Create a poll asking an Avon history question. Maybe how long has Avon been in business? Outline the details of your giveaway and collect emails for your Avon database.

FB Stories Selling Tip 5

After trying many different types of Pinterest pins and Facebook stories, the clickable photos do the best . What does even better are ones where you are in the photo. Pinterest loves original photos. Try not to use photos from the internet that are already seen everywhere.

FB Stories Selling Tip 6

Mention others in your story using @. Also use hashtags so that your stories can be found by the public. Post at least once a day using niche hashtags like #mattelipstick. You would do great by offering a series such as 14 days of lipstick shades . In this series, you’d post a different lipstick shade once a day for 2 weeks.

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