7 Creative, 5 Minute Ways To Sell Avon Successfully

Hi everyone! This post is for Avon Reps who want some creative but quick ways to sell Avon when you still have a full time job.

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1| Always check your Avon clearance on a new campaign day.

On the first day of an Avon campaign is the perfect time to check your Avon clearance list. I’ve even checked it just after midnight to catch deals before they’re out of stock.

You’ll find some of the best of Avon products will be on clearance in limited supply to first come first get buyers.

Goal: To purchase clearance products for resale, gifts, or giveaways.

2| Get jewelry sets and earrings on clearance.

The Avon jewelry pieces are typically made only once. And when they sell out, it’s on to the next trend.

If you’ve worn Avon jewelry before, you know it’s top quality as far as not turning colors quickly.

If you can grab some earrings, bracelets, or rings you’ll give yourself a small stockpile of on hand pieces to bring to a booth set up.

Goal: To purchase clearance products for resale, gifts, or giveaways.

3| Create your own blogger request comment.

Create a comment describing that you’re an Avon Representative looking for bloggers to receive a free Avon catalog.

Once a week, copy and paste that comment into 10 bloggers comments on Pinterest.

Pinterest comments are very scarcely used, so when I receive a notification for a Pinterest comment, I’m always going to check it out.

After one month, you’ll have contacted 40 bloggers.

Tip: Reach out to bloggers that you follow and that you have something in common with.

Make sure they can tell what you share in common from visiting your Pinterest main page. (plus size, mom, keto dieter, real estate agent, etc)

Goal: To build your Avon subscriber list and have the opportunity to do a guest post/interview on another blog. Both make your blog more popular.

4| Post sweepstakes winners names!

Avon’s Crave Sweepstakes had 12 winners. The So Very Sophia sweepstakes had 20 winners, and the Avon CHI hair Essentials had 5 winners.

The winners names are public information.

Post them to your blog when you create posts about the Avon sweepstakes so your readers will benefit from knowing there are real winners.

Goal: To build your Avon subscriber list through email.

5| Always buy at least 10 Avon books every month.

I learned the hard way that someone will ask you for a book when you least expect it.

Do you always end up without one when someone asks? Keep all 9 of them in your car. Staple your business card to the back. Take one and keep it in the side pocket of your purse or handbag so it doesn’t get messed up.

Goal: To generate more online Avon orders. This is also great for recruiting new Avon reps.

Looking for free Avon business cards?

6| Share posts to Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook.

When you share posts to at least 3 social media platforms, you are increasing your online presence.

Writing a blog post and not sharing it is not going to get you any new readers.

If you need some Facebook inspiration, here are some ways to use Facebook stories for your Avon business.

Goal: To generate popularity with Google and increase your online presence.

7| Find the highest rated Avon products in your estore and copy some reviews.

When talking about Avon products you love, remember you’re not the only one who loves them.

Product reviews are easily found and can be copied and put into a post or blog.

Skip your review every once in a while, and talk about other rave reviews.

Goal: Providing social proof of what others have to say is just as important as your own review.

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