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By Nicole Mae

7 Ways To Sell Avon Online During Birthdays

7 Ways To Sell Avon Online Only During Birthdays!

Hey friends! Today happens to be my birthday and I wanted to write about 7 ways to sell Avon online when you know your customer’s birthdays. I love it when someone remembers my birthday whom I least expected! 

Hello! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click through those links and make a purchase, I may earn a little something – at no extra cost to you.

Facebook isn’t the only place where you can go to feel recognized on your special day.

And when the dentist office sends me Birthday wishes I can’t take them seriously.

So here goes some info you can actually use to possibly make more Avon sales and put some smiles on faces at the same time. 

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Sell Avon Online Only (Using Birthdays)

7| Starting off, you have to know what day your customer’s birthday falls on. You can accomplish this by sending a mass text to your Avon entire subscriber list. Ask them to reply back with their month/day birthday details. You’ll be surprised how many people do it. 

6|Plug in his/her birthday into your Google Calendar or within your Avon back office so you can get notified immediately when a customer birthday comes up.

If you have an Avon group, you can post a birthday message there as well so we all can celebrate each other.

5|Use the Self Care page from your estore to send this link plus a Happy Birthday message. Here’s a peek at my self care page to get some ideas.

Listed are curling irons, face masks, CBD products, cleansers, hair treatment and hair masks, and a few gems that I’d love to relax with on my birthday self care day in quarantine.

4| Use Campaign Mailer and send them a brochure with a customized Happy Birthday on the brochure label. It costs about $2.50 to send a brochure with a sample attached.

I love Campaign mailer so much because there’s never a minimum purchase amount. Send 3 brochures or 10 anytime of the day. 

3| Have you used cash app before? If so, you’re familiar with people giving out their cash app details like email addresses.

Sell Avon online and ask your customers for their cash app info and if you’re feeling generous, you can cash app them $5 and a link to a product on a really good sale on their birthday.

2| Host a survey on your Facebook page with a few key questions. Ask fun questions like do you wear masks to bed, or do you love red  lipsticks, or who likes black nail polish?

The people who participate in the survey, send them a message asking for their birth date and let them know you’d like to send an Avon sample on that day.

1|It’s very simple but, just send a Birthday Card. Cards are so inexpensive (get some at the Dollar Tree) and so are stamps.

If you’d like, include a text campaign in the card where she could receive a free gift by registering for your monthly sweepstakes. Spray the card with some perfume and send it off.

It’s such a sweet gesture and very cheap.

Thanks so much for checking out my post in Avon selling tips. You can find me on Pinterest where I post more tips and ways I earn an income from home.