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The Stuff Moms Know

By Nicole Mae

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Bentley & I in my kitchen. I’m posing, he’s plotting.

Hey it’s Nicole!

A Little About Me

I live in Florida with my daughter & our new pup. My life is pretty normal… laundry, cooking, cleaning & checking homework and on a daily basis. When I’m not doing any of that, I’m either thinking up blog post ideas or studying for my real estate exam.

A few years ago, I learned that I had a brain tumor that affects my memory & mood. (Pituitary adenoma) Basically my body thinks I’m pregnant 24/7 along with some other less severe side affects. Sounds depressing right?! Blogging and being a Mom to my very supportive daughter has kept me from losing my mind….literally.

Single Coley & Happy About It

Welcome to my therapy session. Let’s talk!

Crazy how the wrong relationship can pull you so far away from who you are! I remember sitting down to blog just so I could keep my mind off the emotional & physical abuse I found myself putting up with for more than 20+ years.

I’m far away from anyone who can hurt me again. Keeping track of the milestones in my life with my blog has been a eye opener.

If I can help you with either Avon selling tips, shopping for plus size clothes online, saving money or a smile. Although I’ll warn you that I’m not funny by a long shot. My humor is cornball at best!

If you’ve enjoyed any of my lifestyle or Avon posts, go ahead and connect & subscribe!

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