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By Nicole Mae

How Avon Inspired Me As A Blogger

How Avon inspired me as a blogger, a Mom, an educator, and a friend. Blogging in my Avon business has been a joyful experience.

Hi friends! I’m Nicole. I live in Florida with my beautiful dancing daughter and this is my excerpt on how Avon inspired me as a blogger. You can expect a traditional story of a mom and how she stopped feeling sorry for herself.


Do you see this smile? Not many people can do this outside of my daughter. That’s me above and happy but that wasn’t always the case. Below we’re designing her first professional birthday cake. Shouts out to Publix. She has food allergies. Hands down, a huge overdue moment for us.

Like most mom’s, I have my forever Mom cape on and of course do everything I can to make her life happy. Somehow selling Avon fell into this role for me. Here’s how Avon inspired me…. Sniff, sniff, heartbroken (out of a bad relationship) and disappointed with myself for not finishing my Bachelor’s degree. Swimming around in self pity. Had to snap out of that quick! My bad girl rules helped a lot!


Great mom’s and parents will understand this. I knew that I couldn’t make her proud of me if I lacked pride in myself.

My Bells at organ practice with the talented Mrs. Paula recording.

All the piano lessons, ballet & dance lessons, and fancy science summer camps were great for her. But I looked crazy dropping her off to most of them. Why? Because I wasn’t taking pride in my own sense of style. Rushing out of the house, barely making it anywhere. No dating life, just 100% Mom. (I know now that dating is not where happiness lies though.)

When you wear a uniform to work every day, it’s easy to get lazy on style. 

I decided to change that. I hated selling and definitely didn’t expect to get any sales from signing up to become an Avon Rep. 


An evening of online browsing in March 2016, led me to start selling Avon even with disappointment in myself looming over my head.

Sell Avon Online

The woman above was that depressed Mom who just wanted to make my daughter proud. I’m not surprised if the photo above has a filter on it because I’m pretty sure I was crying here. I can say that now and laugh. Why do we take pictures of ourselves when we’re sad? Humans are so strange. It reminds me of a Dane Cook comedy skit. 


Excuse the grainy quality but it’s necessary. Still shy and unhappy with myself, I never liked to be photographed if I couldn’t control the camera. Worried about if my makeup would look crazy or uneven in a photo. I always tried to carry myself with a touch of sass, class, and confidence. Fake it until you make it right? I needed to finally make it.

I received my Avon Glam kit and loved my products. What happened next? Well I started to figure that if I loved Avon, why not share the love. Mind you, I had never ever ordered anything Avon in my life before that day in March.

new Avon Rep Nicole

Playing with my first Avon eyeliner. At the time it was only 15 bucks to sign up you guys. I mean, that wasn’t a hard decision to make since the Avon start up kit had me covered. I wanna say there was over $100 with of products in there. I wasn’t going to sell Avon to anyone using the products in private. Not a soul! But hey, I was experimenting and ordering things for myself that were surprisingly super cheap! And damn good quality!

Something is missing…but I found it

Suddenly I have this business and access to all off these great tools, discounts, samples galore, and no one to share it with. “This sucks,” I thought. ” What’s wrong with me?” “Why is it so hard to just put myself out there?” Worried about who may take me as a joke, or what people would say behind my back started to get old really quick. I’m programmed to be a fighter. You can’t go through what I’ve been through and be weak. (Verbal and physically abusive relationships, oh my!)



I switched gears real fast and knew what was missing from the equation. I needed to do something for someone else. The spotlight just wasn’t for me. My ideas started to flow like an 8 year old’s pee in the bed in middle of the night.

img_0637 I got with the program…. Finally. Soon enough, I began looking for women, mom’s, people just like me. My goal was to talk to them, learn their “WHY” and use my web design skills to write articles about them and let them know how much I admired THEM. Some ladies didn’t really understand why I was asking all this personal information. But the first person who really took me serious was a new Mom. Her name was Dawn.

Here’s Dawn. We’ve never met officially but it doesn’t feel like it.




I published Dawn’s “interview” and was so excited that she believed in my vision. I called her something she was….a Gorgeous Avon Rep. And that started my wheels turning even more. Before I knew it, everyone was responding to my requests for an interview. And all of the girls were gorgeous!!!


There was Bethany, and Claudia, Jeanie, Taisha, Britny, Rose, Amanda, Marina, Cherie, Jamilee, Sade and so many more beautiful inspiring ladies. Jeanie talked about overcoming battles with homelessness and Dawn reminded me of the patience needed for being a new Mom. It was an emotional project but I loved every moment of it. 



Here’s my first video I made with a few of the girls and myself. The video quality wasn’t anything special but the girls made it beautiful. (This was when I finally started to recognize I was gorgeous too.) 

My second video…..I admit it was a little better in quality than the first. But everytime I made a video, more girls would jump on board. I felt so bad that I hadn’t added them to the video. I stopped making videos after this one. 


I couldn’t keep up with all the success my project had gained and I had to eventually stop interviewing. Instead… I created an Instagram page for Gorgeous Avon Reps

These ladies were a breath of fresh air, all for different reasons and I appreciated their willingness to trust me in my portrayal of them. I made some mistakes along the way, as expected. 

Life happened and I’m still not caught up with highlighting them all. Sad face. Would you like to take over the Instagram page and manage it for me? Wink. Much like everything we go through in this life, there must always be balance. I’ll make time for my project but will you make time to start your business? 

Happy Nicole again…two years later

I’m thankful to my daughter for inspiring me to complete my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business with an A.S. in Management. I’m thankful that my Avon business pushed me to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit within myself that was hidden behind “I don’t like selling”. 

I’m never “too cool” to tell my story. Even though these Coach shades are cooler than I am. I’ve overcome depression, anxiety, and just plain feeling sorry for myself by selling Avon online. Sounds strange right? Yeah, I know. But check this out….

The beauty and simplicity in finding your right shade of foundation, or lash wear that accentuates your big beautiful eyes, or moisturizer that stops the aging process, or lipstick that gives you instant sexy….all priceless.


AVON inspired me to…

Start a local marketing business, finish school, and become the cool Mom with lip gloss for every occasion. The pride I was once missing came from helping and connecting with others like myself from all over the world….Mom’s, students, risk takers, believers in beauty, survivors, visionaries, and finally….gorgeous Avon reps. And while I’m still super duper shy… And my journey may be different from yours…or we may not look the same….

By becoming an Avon rep, there was a shift in how I view myself. Am I selling hundreds of dollars in Avon monthly? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do I pay a fraction of the cost for the things I buy for myself? Heck yeah. I get free products too! (jus sayin’) Do I have a team of Avon reps doing the same? I do! What’s sweet is they can leverage their business the way they choose to. Either by selling Avon as an Influencer or just using it for personal perks

Many ask me if blogging really helps sell Avon online

Yes, blogging really does help any business! But you have to be creative and real. Here are some stats from my main blog, gorgeousonline.blog

Blogging Does Pay Off

In the month of March, I’ve had over 1K views to my blog. This is small beans in the big blogging world, but very meaningful to me. March seems to be trending to hit over 1400K visitors. These stats help me get an idea of what I should write about. Without a doubt, being honest about your personal Avon and life experiences is what is trending for new blogs in 2019 and beyond.

Here’s another screen shot of my humble blog stats. Talk about pure confirmation that everyone is operating from their phones! I’m even writing this blog from my phone in the WordPress app. Oh, I almost forgot, one of my most popular posts to date,  sell Avon online from your phone . It was one that took me by surprise!

You don’t have to blog to sell Avon online successfully though….

Be outgoing and really connect with people. Think about an aspect of your life that you don’t mind sharing, and share it.  For example, something as simple as your life with your fur buddy. Half of your posts will be about you and your cute pet, and the other half will be about when you get pretty and leave that fur buddy at home to go out and have fun. All Avon makeup of course!  How about if you’re a Mom and wanting to make some extra cash right?

Do you already post about the kids and the activities you’re doing with them, sympathize with other mom’s this way. Post about finally getting to play with your new lipstick after the littles have gone to bed. Even if you have to put on makeup to wipe it right off, it’s still practice. Tell your audience “This is me…. practicing for date night!” I encourage you to find your inspiration in everyday life. Try not to wait for it to hit you in the head….seek it in the little things. This is how Avon inspired me. 


Share videos and pictures of yourself & you’ll be MORE successful than me! 

My life as an Avon Rep and business owner….

In my spare time, I send emails to my Avon team, create Avon blogs, and write some blog posts for my other business. Because of Avon, I’ve been able to drop down to working only part-time for a telecommunications company. The Avon blogging part is fun but getting that extra time with my daughter is what my heart smiles for these days. How Avon inspired me has now become how I inspire others.  Needless to say, it’s why I love putting in my Avon orders and sharing the opportunity with others. With Avon’s 150+ years in the beauty business, I don’t think that will ever change. My skin looked great below. I had been using my Avon “AHA” renewal cream.

Thank you so much for following how Avon inspired me, a story still in progress. There’s a staggering niche that’s wide open for Avon Youtubers and Influencers and Avon bloggers. If carving out your Avon path is something you think you’re creative enough to plan, contact me by sending a DM to my Instagram page and I can get you started as an Avon Influencer.

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