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By Nicole Mae

How Do Avon Reps Get Paid In 9 Ways

How do Avon Reps get paid? Here are the 9 different ways Avon Reps earn money updated for 2019 to reflect new online sales earnings structure.

How do Avon Reps get paid? Avon Reps get paid in several different ways. Sell Avon online and start earning with your Avon Starter Kit. & 24/7 business monitoring. 

1|Avon Get Paid Through Direct Website Sales


(Updated 2021-2022) When you sell Avon online, the initial Avon GLAM kit ($30) comes with free brochures and products to try and/or sell. You can also start Avon for free.

Always collect the money owed from your customers up front,  enter the order into your Avon back office at youravon.com, and your Avon shopping cart will reveal your earnings for that sale less tax and shipping. Make sure to add shipping and taxes to your customer invoices to offset your costs. Process the order and keep the remaining money as your commission. This is one of the most popular ways for Avon reps to get paid. 


First Level Avon Earnings Chart

$0 – $149.99 20% 20%
$150 – $299.99 30% 20%
$300 – $499.99 35% 20%
$500+ 40% 20%

2| Avon Reps Receive Recruiting Bonuses

Add Avon representatives to your team, and get rewarded a $20 bonus for the first recruit. Your first team member places a $150+ order and you’ll  advance to your next Avon level promotion. Commission will remain at 40% for the following year. When you recruit a second member and they also place a $150+ order, you will advance again to the next level of Avon leadership. Along with your personal sales and that of your team, you can easily be at Bronze Ambassador Leadership level within your first few weeks of becoming an Avon Representative. 

3|Avon reps get paid from team sales

Receive commission for all team sales orders. This is issued via direct deposit into your account every other week. 


4|Avon Reps Get Team Bonuses

When your team meets sales goals, you advance in leadership and become a President’s Club member. Avon mobile app shows your status every step of the way in your Representative level and how much you need on a weekly basis in order to reach President’s Club level and earn 50% commissions. Many ladies sell Avon online and reach President’s Club ($10K in sales) within their first or second year. It’s easily done with dedication and hard work and sometimes an Avon fundraiser. President’s Club gets you free trips, bonuses, and up to 60% off products.  


5|Avon Reps Get Incentive Goal Bonuses

When you sell Avon online and through direct sales, you earn more commission by incentive goals. For example, Avon hosts an incentive for Campaign 5. The incentive is that every dollar amount of product you order, you’ll receive “double dollars” or double the commission rewards.
Let’s say your order total is $250, your shopping cart assumes it’s $500 and increases your commission to 40% off that $250 order. Charge your customers the brochure price, plus tax and shipping, and earn $100 to pocket in cash. 


6|Avon Reps Love Our Promotional Products

When you sell Avon online, every campaign has a special brochure for Avon Reps that we refer to as “What’s New.” The What’s new Avon brochure comes out right before the campaign brochure drops. It’s one of my favorite perks of being an Avon Rep because you will order demos at more than 70% off. 

By ordering demos from the Avon What’s New, you’ll sell these at brochure price when the campaign begins. Keep in mind that you will only pay a fraction of the brochure cost for the demo. So the rest is profit. 

7|Avon reps receive awards and free all expense paid trips

When you sell Avon as an Avon Representative, there’s always a free trip on the table for grabs. Avon offers this trip for you and 1 guest and it is all-inclusive.

8|Avon reps receive rewards as personal commissions.

If you don’t sell Avon online, here is another way to benefit from being an Avon Rep. Everyone is on a budget these days. With a $50 budget to spend on beauty products every month, you benefit from being an Avon rep.

As a new Avon Representative, place your order for $50 worth of what you would like to use from your Avon store. Next, refresh your shopping cart. Avon takes off your discount immediately. Your total amount spent will drop. You’ll be able to add more products to your cart. In essence buy more for your money.

9|The biggest way Avon Reps get paid is through online sales & leadership bonuses.

Sell Avon online, and choose to run your Avon business without pushy sales managers. The most important way Avon reps get paid is from online sales. Customers purchase items online, and Avon credits your account for the commission within 48 hours. As a new Avon Representative, you’ll receive 20-40% commission from online sales. Online sales are what pays Avon Reps the most commission with the highest reward. 

You don’t have to have anyone on your team to advance with Avon, but it helps! Even if it’s a family member!

With Avon launching the new pay structure for online sales, you’ll eliminate the time, money, energy, gas, and ditch the traditional ways that Avon reps used to earn money.

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