Avon Selling Tips

9 Signs You Should Ask Her To Join Avon

1| If a client has an order that is more than $25.

….and contains at least one of the items that ship in the Avon Starter Kit above, offer the opportunity to become an Avon Representative. Using Avon for personal use is how many of us started in leadership.

2| If she’s buying a primer.

The Avon Starter kit actually comes with a full size Magix award winning Primer. When I say award winning, I mean asking top beauty magazines and customer ratings.


3| If she needs a good Moisturizer.

….this is a great opportunity to offer business details. Offer the $30 Glam Kit and explain to her that one of the Avon representative benefits is being able to always shop from the last 3 campaign sales. She’ll have access to Befit Moisturizer samples instantly.

4|If she loves makeup and skincare but isn’t currently employed.

A client that knows the struggle of healthy skincare and beauty on a budget, is a perfect candidate for becoming an Avon rep online.

Once she sees the beauty in the discount and first look at new trending products, you’ve become a part of an inspiring story if you mentor her into leadership. And if not, you’ve given her a backdoor portal into quality beauty products at a fraction of the cost.


5| If she loves perfume.

The Avon Starter Kit comes with one of Avon’s top rated perfumes, Honey Blossom. She can either keep it for herself or sell it to Mom. Either way, she will earn back her $30 sign up fee.

6|If she asks you how much you make with Avon.

…..she’s interested in the opportunity. Look for those key words and special interaction with customers when you’re dropping off brochures to small businesses.

It is estimated that more than 50% of Americans will be working from home within the coming years.

This opportunity is a wonderful way for anyone looking for a part time job to get their feet wet in sales, marketing, and editing a website. Explain how Avon U walks new Avon reps through the training process and how she can also become an Avon certified skin consultant.


7| If you have a friend who is an MUA or a beauty enthusiast.

…..ask her to join so that she can purchase samples for her business. Avon skincare and lipstick samples are very inexpensive. The value in having samples is important for clients who are hesitant about buying new lip colors and shades.

Samples are extra important for those with sensitive skin who need an Avon “tester” before going all in.

8| Plus size women looking for staple fashions at a reasonable price.

Avon has such a wide array of representatives and clients, young and older, bigger and smaller. Flipping through the Avon brochures, you can see how many of the latest trending fashions come in plus sizes.

Don’t forget the lingerie section as well for undergarments. These items are tough for some plus size women to find. Show her how having the power to order from her back office will save her so much money and time shopping for her fashions.

9| If she needs a lasting, lengthening mascara.

The Avon Starter Kit comes with the awards winning Love At First Lash mascara accompanied by a beautiful sunset, neutral eye shadow quad. Everything a girl needs to play with eye tutorials.