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By Nicole Mae

How To Sell Avon Online Only When You’re A Shy Avon Newbie

Tips to sell Avon online only for shy newbies and how one Avon rep made $1K in less than 2 weeks from Facebook stories.

Just remember that if you’re shy, these Avon selling tips will be challenging in other ways but will not require you to be very outgoing.
A universal truth we can ALL relate to is the need for a few hundred more dollars a month. It matters not what it’s used for, right?

Women, Moms, people start selling Avon online to get those few hundred extra dollars. Some of them create hundred thousand dollar businesses for themselves. Others struggle to make one sale in a campaign.

We’ve read the tips given by successful Avon Reps and many of you have done just that with no success. In an effort to reveal some of the tips you haven’t heard, I’ll list my personal Avon selling tips and you may be surprised at how easy some of them are if you’re shy. 

TIP #1 


When you’re shy, you have to make a conscious effort to smile. Smiling instantly puts others at ease and makes you appear less “salesy”. Smiling invites the other person into your world because we naturally want to be around happy people.

When dropping off brochures or samples, I like to just smile and leave my sample bags with cashiers. I do it as if I was leaving them a gift to enjoy, which I am right?

The next time you shop there, you can simply ask if everyone enjoyed the samples as you’re checking out. It becomes an easy conversation because you’re also there to shop and not necessarily sell Avon. With sample drop offs like this, I prefer to use mini sandwich bags and place a few lipstick samples in one bag with a few business cards. They can divide them out as they like.

TIP #2

Use Avon’s Monthly Sweepstakes To Grab Emails

Every month Avon hosts a Sweepstakes Giveaway. This is actually open to representatives too!  The giveaway link can be tough to find within your online store though. From the Menu key at the top left side of your AVON online store, select Sales & Specials then Featured offers. Each month you’ll see the Sweepstakes listed here. All that’s required to enter is name and email. You can post it to your FB and then let your friends know Avon picks 3 winners each month.

Tip #3

Use the kids! (for good, not evil) 

Kids-Business-750x412.jpg I remember wanting to pass out a few brochures at a laundromat one day. My daughter Bells was with me and we staked out in the car for a few minutes getting the business cards stapled to the brochures.

I saw there were Moms inside with their friends and children. My bright idea was to have my daughter hand out some brochures for me. It was a success! Everyone was so happy that when I walked inside after her, I was able to strike up some conversations and get some phone numbers from the experience.

TIP #4

Make cold calls or texts. I know, I know.


Ok, I can imagine this one feels out of the question for most shy Avon Reps. On the contrary, it’s probably the easiest. Let me explain why. Make a few calls to small businesses in the area. Ask how many Avon brochures they might like you to drop off. Business Instagram pages also have contact information in their profile. Without seeing your face, the rejection won’t sting as much.

TIP #5

Share pages of your Avon estore to your FB stories. 

fb stories
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when I share a popular video from my estore to FB stories.

Many of us keep our business separate from our personal FB page, other than listing our estore in our profile. One of the ways I’ve seen Avon reps earn over $1K in less than 2 weeks is by sharing pages from their estore to FB stories. FB stories are quick video snippets that don’t necessarily show up on your news feed aka timeline. The only time they’re seen is by people scrolling the stories specifically. You can also choose to make your stories public but still keep your actual FB page private. It’s a win-win. As you can see, just clicking on the video will connect the viewer to my estore. As always, I hope I was able to shed a little light on growing your Avon business. Most of all, don’t give up!

Tip #6

Put a small Avon sticker on the driver side of your back passenger window. Whenever I go to fast food drive through’s I always get a request for a brochure or sample when they see the sticker.

Tip #7

Join local Facebook groups. I’m currently a member of a FB group for moms. Every month business owners can post their links for networking. Check out what the rules for the group are first though. I love marketing this way because I don’t have to say anything at all unless someone contacts me. The group below is a great place to start if you create your own Avon blog and want to share it.

Tip #8

Provide free sample packs for locals on FB. In the FB marketplace, create a listing for free samples. Let readers know that in order to receive them, all they have to do is sign up for your text campaign to receive a link every two weeks. Or email campaign from your Avon store.

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