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By Nicole Mae

Is selling Avon worth it? My Top 10 Yes Reasons

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Is selling Avon worth it? An unbiased Avon review.

Is selling Avon worth it?  My top 10 reasons why you can sell Avon online only and be happy you started. Read this post before you decide to become a digital Avon Rep online. Read until the end for the top 10’s.

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Hello! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from them, I will receive a portion of the sale at no extra cost to you.


This is a very popular question for one group of people only…..non Avon Reps. I know the unknown is something that we all question. Hopefully I’m able to give you an honest Avon review so that you can make an informed decision.

Am I biased as an Avon Rep?

Since I’m currently an Avon Rep, I’m going to speak from the perspective of someone who’s not familiar with Avon. In other words, I’m going to tell the absolute truth.

Assuming that “worth it” means money….

The average Avon Representative does not make enough money to quit their full time job. BUT….it’s VERY possible to go down to part time and still possible to quit your full time as well. In order to have the most success, an Avon Representative has to have patience and an irresistible desire to be heard.

I happen to have the desire to be heard but I lacked in the patience department. So what did I do? I found a way to be heard very quickly. That helped because it gave me some small wins early on.

Here’s a screenshot of an order where I was receiving 30% off. The only reason I didn’t have more savings here is because home and fashion items have lower commission.

The first thing I did was take advantage of my Avon discount. I didn’t sell a thing to anyone for a long time. In retrospect, I wish I had and I would have gotten close to the $1K bonus available for new reps.

Instead, I decided to just try out the best Avon products and see if I would like them.

Is selling Avon still worth it though?

Since I wasn’t actually selling a thing, at this point, yes it was very worth it. I stopped spending a gazillion at Sephora because I had found my Avon equivalents. They were not only cheaper for me, but some of them I loved even more than MAC or Clinique.

I had to step out of my comfort zone to accomplish the desire to be heard.

My coworkers were interested in how I was earning money in my Avon business and asked me for brochures. I got some sales and it was fun. It was time to switch things up.

My next move was to make sure I had their email addresses so that I could add them to my Avon customer list and hope they would start shopping online instead.

That worked and is still working today. The takeaway is that I would suggest asking face to face customers how they liked the product purchased from a previous campaign. Following up is a great gesture and leads to more sales. 


Avon currently has an eyeliner that I love. But when I used it, I didn’t like how it would break or finish on me with no way to see that it was running low. As a result, customers who had purchased that liner stopped buying anything from me. Here’s the one I don’t care for > Avon Always On Point Liner

My next step…

It was time to move on and I decided to start growing my Avon team instead of focusing on sales. But I never stopped using my amazing discount because that alone was saving me hundreds every couple of months.

I now have multiple team members and have begun the Instagram hashtag, #gorgeousavonreps. 

So is selling Avon online worth it? 

It most definitely is. I wrote a list of 22 reasons why I’m still an Avon Rep and I still stand by those reasons today. 


 Here are my Top 10 reasons why selling Avon is worth it!

#1 My personal purchases are always discounted 30-50% off.

#2 I’m the go-to person for all of my Mom friends in the summer. (Bug Guard!)

#3 I don’t ever feel like I’m in the sales business because everyone already knows about Avon.

#4 Samples! I can buy them whenever and try anything out on my own.

#5 I’m able to work part-time now and spend more time with my daughter.

#6 I get to blog and post about my favorite beauty products. (I couldn’t do that before because they were too expensive.)

#7 My daughter LOVES the lip glosses and they’re appropriate colors for her age.

#8 I use my Avon store for gifts and get commission on them. (teacher’s, friends, etc)

#9 I never have to look down the makeup aisle in Target anymore. (except for the Maybeline age-rewind concealer...that stuff is the best)

#10 I can host fundraisers with Avon to help at my daughter’s school.