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By Nicole Mae

Getting Eyelash Extensions During Covid

Wearing my mask, I walked into the lash studio. Another mask wearing woman with her legs crossed was sitting on another couch.

During the next few moments, I was settled onto a reclining long chair and the masked tech started applying products to my eyes and talking me through the process.

One and two lash clusters were secured to my lash bed using professional grade lash glue. I had no idea that I’d be laying there for 2 entire hours with the nagging sensation to rub my eyes. I hated it.

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Pros & Cons Of Getting False Lashes During Covid

Pros: They were gorgeous for a few days, I have never seen a mascara give me lashes as long as this, eyelash serums don’t give this effect, lash tech did wear a mask, same day appointments are easy to make, you don’t have to touch anything, it’s relaxing if you can sit through the eye rubbing sensation, looks completely natural 

Cons: Expensive, takes a long time, doesn’t last 2 weeks for people with oily skin, real lashes do get shorter or fall out as well, every lash tech may do it differently, necessary to do some research before selecting your spot, I couldn’t wash my face the way I wanted to & it bothered me, and again….they are EXPENSIVE

This was the second day of lashes falling out. I was still happy with the results.

The Results

I wasn’t impressed. My full set of lashes were a medium thickness and I paid $170 for the initial set. I live in a small town so I’m sure this is cheaper in larger cities. The plan was to return for lash “fills” at half the price. I wasn’t returning though. Aside from not being rough when washing my face, there was one product that extended the life of the lash extensions by a week. Other than that, it was a waste of money for me and only lasted 10 days.


I even chose to switch to an oil free daytime moisturizer to help keep the lashes from my natural face oils in an attempt to help them last longer.

I ended up loving the oil free moisturizer because my skin saw a difference but it did nothing to help the lashes stay on. 



Why Didn’t My Lash Extensions Last?

Essentially, I have oily skin. When your skin is oily, so are your eyes and lashes. They began falling off as soon as I jumped into my car to head home. Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful. But only lasted 10 days.

Just to note, I barely got them wet, I didn’t rub my eyes, I didn’t wash roughly around my eye area, and I definitely didn’t add on any mascara. 


Back To Glue Press Lashes

Back to basics. I found this extra strong lash glue online after some research of course. It’s been the only thing that keeps the false glued lashes in place without them lifting up on my eyelids.

False Lashes Trial & Error

Since I’m not used to applying lashes on a daily basis, it’s really a chore for me. I recommend doing these 3 things to help you get the job done with minimal stress. 

1| Cut the lash extensions if you have to. Sometimes they’re really just too long for your eyelid. To keep them from lifting up, it’s best to cut them to size. 

2| Apply a black waterproof eyeliner before placing the lashes on. 

3| Use a waterproof, latex free strong black lash glue. The clear lash glue is nice if you have some time to wait until it dries enough to disappear. 

4| Know that sometimes both eyes will not match exactly. 

Does Lash Glue Irritate Sensitive Eyes?

I did learn that most places will do a skin sensitivity test and apply a few false lashes for FREE. This helps both client & business.

Vegan, Latex Free, Cruelty Free Lash Glue


The Lash Popularity

The length of the lashes plays second to lashes make your eyes look bigger and more seductive. And false eyelashes absolutely replaces wearing eyeliner on lazy days.

As a contact lens wearer, I can admit that I have less problems with debris and foreign particles getting into my contacts when the false lashes are on.

The dramatic and thick lashes make a bold statement that draws attention directly to your eyes. The wispy, flirty lashes are an everyday look for natural women who don’t want it to be obvious that they’re wearing falsies. Women who don’t get acrylic nails and just manicures, are more inclined to go with a more natural eyelash look. 


Tricks For When Your Glue On Lash Application Is Bad

I’m a busy Mom and I’m still getting used to this glue application process. The other day, I ran out of the house knowing that my application was janky (screwed up). Luckily I had some tricks to help it not be as noticeable.

1| Disguise! Keep a pair of non prescription cute framed glasses in your car. The reflection of the glasses distracts from the lash mistakes and your big eyes are still on display. 

2| Add a winged liner to distract from a janky placed eyelash set. 

3| Use a Q-tip & eye makeup remover to clean up the liner over your eyes and even out an uneven line. 

My Top 3 Favorite Lash Glue & Eye Makeup Removers

I happened to find my top favorite lash glue remover from an IPSY bag and fell in love. It is hands down the best eye glue and makeup remover I have ever tried. 

1| Lip & Eye Makeup Remover by Minions Tonymoly

I grabbed this from my Ipsy wall of Fame. This lash glue remover is the perfect balance of tonic and oil.

2| Innisfree Apple Seed Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

The fresh apple scent of this Apple Seed lash glue remover is what keeps me buying it. It’s an organic experience and great for people with sensitive skin.

Makeup remover apple


3| Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Wearing waterproof mascara is only a chore when it’s time to remove it. My night routine bag always has this waterproof mascara remover in it because it is hands down the best for the lowest price. 

waterproof mascara remover


My Top 3 Magnetic Lash Brands


1| Ezolistic Magnetic Lashes w/ Magnetic Liner

Since this was my very first set of magnetic lashes, it’s still a favorite. The one thing I had to get used to was that magnetic lashes do feel a bit heavier and take some getting used to.

2| HSBCC Magnetic Eyelash & Eyeliner Kit (10 pairs)

I love this set specifically because it comes with 10 pairs of lashes from natural to 8D!

magnetic lashes

3| Arishine Lightweight Magnetic Lash Kit (Great for beginners)

This particular set of lashes is worth mentioning for a few reasons. It’s lightweight so it’s perfect for beginners. That’s important because I hate feeling that heaviness on my eyelid. These lightweight magnetic lashes also hide the magnets well. And lastly, these lashes do not sag. They are made with lift!

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