The Stuff Moms Know

By Nicole Mae

What’s Your Superpower Avon Campaign 19

How to sell Avon online only in Campaign 19 with your Superpower.

How to sign up to sell Avon online only in Campaign 19


An Avon side business can turn into a full-time work from home career. Paying your car note can also turn into building a new home for your family. I recently was fortunate enough to witness million dollar Avon teams in action.

Avon Rep Fest in New Orleans spared no details about how to plan, create, and carry out your plans for how to build a profitable Avon business.

With national media mentions like this, it’s easy to see so many people are believers in Avon. Not to mention the badass Avon ambassadors like Lucy Hale headlining the brochures.

Avon gives you a website to customize and access to hundreds of samples

Anytime, anywhere, pick up your phone and order Avon samples. After a few orders, you’ll receive a line of credit with your business. My line of credit is $200 and I never have to pay for my order right away. Right from my phone, I conduct all of my Avon business. In fact, I’m writing this post from my phone. Here’s a few more tips specifically dedicated to working your Avon business from your phone here. 


No one ever says “no” to an Avon brochure.

Even though millions of mobile users are doing their shopping online from their phones, there’s a part of us that still likes paper. Readers who prefer to turn the pages of a real book vs Kindle readers are a great example. Many companies don’t allow their employees to shop online from work. Naturally, turning the pages of any brochure would be a great break time stress reliever.

People who always say “yes” to receiving an Avon brochure:



Office Workers

Fast Food Workers

Anyone wearing lipstick

A trans person learning makeup

Anyone wearing mascara

Anyone wearing eyeliner

Anyone wearing nail polish

Plus size women

Women over 30+

Gas station workers

Your coworkers



So what’s your Superpower?

Mine changes from day to day but it seems to always involve being a lipstick wearing Mommy. And with that job comes making sure my daughter hasn’t smuggled one of my dark Lipsticks from my bathroom. I wrote about the 22 reasons why I sell Avon instead of buying it. In it, I mentioned the bond my daughter and I have over Avon products.

By signing up to sell Avon, not only will you inherit sisters with superpowers, but you’ll learn about your own power in how to start a home based business and be profitable.

You can start your own beauty business with Avon anytime of the day or night.