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By Nicole Mae

The Best Skincare For Smokers

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Sell Avon online with the best skincare for smokers and non smokers.

If you follow any of the top beauty bloggers, you may have seen or read something in regards to anti-pollution skin treatments. If you can’t quit smoking, at least try these trips to keep your skin looking like you don’t smoke. (Non smokers are also exposed to pollutants.)

When I hear pollution, I instantly think of NYC or a place where taxi’s and old cars stop and go. We step into air pollution every day in our lives…especially smokers. Exhaling puts those harmful poisons from the cigarette or cigar in the air.

Pollutants like dirt, dust, smoke, and smog contribute to the look of dull skin, clogged pores, age spots, and wrinkles.

You may be trying to quit smoking. Or maybe you love smoking and don’t want to quit. Either way treating your skin ahead of time will block those poisons in the air from filling and aging your skin. I want to show you what I use to do that.

The above photos show before and after pictures of smokers and the effect that it has on your skin.

Air pollutants are EVERYWHERE. I found an article here detailing exactly what air pollutants carry and how it affects our skin.

Naturally, air pollution causes increased Hyperpigmentation, clogged pores, skin inflammation, and the breaking down of collagen. Collagen decreases our skin elasticity and increases the W word. (wrinkles for my young readers)

What Helps Deter Skin Aging From Smoking

Buy Avon Anti Pollution Serum

Top dermatologists recommend using Vitamin C regularly on the skin. Listen, I’m a single Mom with a hectic schedule though. Sometimes I’ll be proud of myself if I remember to wash my face with the right things daily.

I find that using sunscreen in my foundations and moisturizers on a daily basis is the only routine I’m always stuck to. As an Avon Rep, we recently launched a product that I love. Honestly, I can’t figure out if I love the smell of it or what it does for my skin more.

Anew Anti Pollution Serum

anew anti pollution skin serum

In my smoggy, but wonderful hometown of New Orleans, I was able to demo the product and fell in love at Avon Rep Fest. There’s a website that lists the best anti-pollution skin care but the review is based out of Europe.

This anti-pollution serum has been my absolute go-to for anti-aging treatments.

Writer Janeca Racho says about skin pollution:

In a 2017 study, experts found that aside from ultraviolet radiation, pollutants like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (chemicals that are released when burning coal, gasoline, trash or tobacco), volatile organic compounds (present in paints, coatings and car exhausts, among others), oxides, particulate matter, ozone and cigarette smoke cause significant damage to the skin—our body’s largest organ and outermost barrier.


I don’t know about you but I need all the help I can get with caring for my skin. I had my daughter in my mid 30’s so time is not always my friend.

Especially with fighting weight loss and taking care of my skin under my makeup addictions.

I was happy that my company did release something great for anti-pollution skin care for two reasons. First, it shows that Avon cares about staying up with the latest trending products that really work. Secondly, it helps my business sales :)

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Start an Avon business educating women, friends, and family about products that help combat our most hated skin issues. Hyper-pigmentation, acne, redness, oily skin, discolorations, dry skin and I could go on and on.

Anew Neutralize Anti Pollution Serum prevents aging and is great for smokers to cleanse and protect from the physical effects of smoking.