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By Nicole Mae

The Top 6 Ways To Earn Money With Avon When Starting Out

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6 Ways To Earn Money With Avon When You're Just Starting Out

Avon Reps who first starting out need the best advice to get their business off the ground.

I wish I had known some of these tips when I started selling Avon in 2016. To be fair, a lot has also changed since then. Avon rules have changed, and Google rules as well. I hope that some of these Avon sales tips can help you focus your business and start reaping some small rewards as soon as possible.

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Avon Selling Tips #1

Focus on growing your email database. Avon sends emails for your business on free shipping deals and giveaways.
Do a giveaway on your FB or IG page for a free lip gloss in exchange for email addresses. Try giving anything away, it really doesn’t matter what it is. Choose something that would be in high demand but inexpensive for you to buy from your store.


Avon Selling Tips #2

Create a free Google Voice phone number linked through to your Gmail account. Add that number to your flyers so that you know which calls are coming from people who are interested in Avon. You want to know who to contact and follow up with in order to earn money with using Avon follow up tips.


Avon Selling Tips #3

There’s something magical about Pinterest. Turn your personal page into a business one & you’ll immediately see how many visitors are coming to your page The more active you are on it, the higher the number climbs. Create pins for the giveaway from Avon selling Tip #1 and post those pins to Pinterest. .


Avon Selling Tips #4

Try to create at least 3-5 pins a day on Pinterest. There are so many apps out there that you can use to create pins easily within seconds. Tip: When sharing a pin to Pinterest, link products directly. In other words, share a pin about Avon Matte Lipstick and link directly to that page. When you do this, the price of the lipstick automatically shows on the top left of your pin after you post it.


Avon Selling Tips #5

Business cards are out of date when it comes to some businesses. In this instance, they really just don’t work if you want to earn money with Avon fast. Instead, use a home printer to design a cute flyer for team building. Offer a Text message campaign and list all of the benefits and perks for being an Avon representative. Trips, bonuses, freedom of schedule, 25% discounts starting off, network with million dollar Avon Reps, etc.


Avon Selling Tips #6

Wanna start an Avon blog? That’s great. But Avon blogs are read by mainly other Avon reps. Have something of value to them and your blog will do well. For example, with any new product launch, write a short blog about it. That should be easy because there are new Avon products coming out almost every campaign. Google sees your blog as being diverse and helpful. When you do this it ranks your blog higher on google search.