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By Nicole Mae

9 Ways To Sell AVON Online Only From Your Phone (Updated)

Updated list for 2020 includes 9 different ways to sell Avon online only from your phone within a matter of minutes and make a sale using free social media tools. I made $100 using one of these tools in less than 5 minutes.

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There are hundreds of Avon selling tips online. Here’s a list of 9 ways to sell Avon online only but from your phone. Anything you do to help your Avon business can be done from a simple smart phone. Learn how to move from window to window.

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Post To Pinterest

Start by creating boards on Pinterest using specific hashtags to describe each Avon board. Minimize that screen when you’re finished and then open up your personal Avon estore in another window. Your goal is to share as many of your Avon estore pages as possible to the Pinterest boards you created.

I shared Avon Anew Ultimate to my Avon Anti-Aging Pinterest board. If someone clicks on my pin, it will take them directly to my Avon estore. This is my favorite way to get Avon sales using my phone.
It’s also very important to put hashtags in your Pin comments.

Use Textiful #2

I love this strategy so much! Textiful is a FREE text marketing company!You can post your campaign any and everywhere, even on your car as a decal, on your Avon brochures, on social media, business cards…everywhere! When someone texts your special code to the assigned 6-digit number, it directly notifies you via email.

You can gather any type of information from your subscribers but I chose to collect emails. Once I receive those emails, I add them to my Avon contact list online and Avon automatically begins sending them emails to shop my estore.

Have No Fear, Make Calls #3

Many office workers would love to have some Avon brochures dropped off to them. If they say no, they never saw your face and there’s no shame to carry. It’s a good idea to keep a journal of who you called though.

Might not be a good idea to repeat call places that weren’t interested.
By the way, when you call, ask how many Avon brochures would they like, instead of if they want brochures. That’s a very popular closing strategy called presumptive close.

Creative Content #4

I wanted to be creative in my Avon blogging journey but that’s very difficult to do as you may know. I opted to start a hashtag, #gorgeousavonreps. There are hundreds using this hashtag now and I’m able to write about Gorgeous Avon Reps and tell this story to all of you.

Think of ways that you can connect to other women. You could start a hashtag like #avonmommas or #avonbeauties or #avonMUA for makeup artists. If you’re a teacher, what about #avonteacher. This way you’ll be connecting to other Avon Reps like yourself and gain that following on your social media pages. A larger following creates more room for potential customers to see your content.

Youtube #5

Record great quality HD videos from iphones now. Record a video of your Avon makeup tutorial or just unboxing some of your customer orders. Once you’ve recorded your video (always record with your phone sideways) then sign into your gmail account and leave that page.

Next, open your Youtube app, click on the video camera icon and then select the video from your phone photos & videos.
Allow the video to upload (shorter vids take a lot less time) name the video, set your hashtags (for example, you’d hashtag #myfavoriteavonlipstick), include your Avon estore link in the description and make the video public.

Using iMessage #6

Have you noticed that whenever you send your friends a link that it automatically comes up with the fancy website photo? You can text your Avon estore link to anyone through iMessage, and earn money as an Avon Rep when they make a purchase.

Include a message saying I thought you may want to take a look at this to personalize it.
It gets a little tricky if you need to send a specific product link though.

Sell Avon online only from your phone by sending a direct link to your favorite sunscreen by visiting the product page from your Avon estore.

Once you see the product you want to send in your estore, hold down the avon.com in the search bar until it says ‘copy, paste, delete’. Select copy and head over to your text messages. Please note: You won’t see the entire link you copied until the next step. Begin a new text message and hold your finger in the blank space where you would type your text until the option “Paste” pops up. Select paste and send.

Google Rankings #8

I shared a photo to Pinterest that now shows up on page 1 of Google before my blog! Mine is the 7 ways to start Avon for free link. Pinterest shared this link that I created from a blog post.
The shared Pinterest link shows up on Google search before the actual blog post does. You can check out the actual blog post by clicking the top of this tip.

MUA’s #9

Makeup artists are just that….artists. Many of them cannot afford to buy expensive makeup palettes on a regular basis. For them, an Avon connection would be career saving.