Avon Selling Tips

Who Are The Most Loyal Avon Customers? They Order Consistently!

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Hey ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve added a blog post about Avon Selling Tips.

While browsing my Avon customer address book some months ago, I thought of writing this post to help Avon reps identify loyal customers and get more Avon sales. I hadn’t had a chance to finally tell you about it until now. Life has been crazy this way!

I’m going to reveal the most loyal Avon customer in your address book….. And it’s great for shy Avon reps.

The Most Loyal Avon Customers Are Your E Subscribers!

The few companies I have coming to my inbox are ones that I love. Subscribers are  your most loyal customers! 

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Let’s Start Here

Open up your Avon address book in the Avon app under Web Office. As you scroll your customer names, you’ll see some names with an “e” in a circle. (Pictured below)

This “e” means that your customer subscribed to your Avon estore online and is currently receiving Avon emails on your behalf.

What this also means is that she voluntarily subscribed. These are the customers that you want to reach out to.


How To Reach Out To E Subscribers

  • Send an Avon brochure (old or updated)
  • Send a personal card
  • Create a list of these subscribers
  • Send holiday cards
  • Send fundraising flyers