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By Nicole Mae

Why My Eye Shadow Gives Me Anxiety

Avon Desert Eye Shadow Quad

A little story about how my eye shadow gives me anxiety and what I do to overcome it.

From a non-makeup expert.

I’ll be the first to tell anyone that I love makeup. But I’m not so eager to admit my fears for applying eye shadow. In this post, I’ll discuss my eye shadow fear and highlight some of Avon Campaign 19’s steals.

My Eye Shadow Fears

Often times, I’ll buy a new eye shadow quad of colors. It ALWAYS looks so beautiful on the Avon model, or on my estore. After opening my Avon order, I instantly go into the office (my bathroom) and try it out.

First I apply the medium light color. (Orange in this case) Next I try to shade the outter lid and it NEVER works out for me.

Disappointed again, the new eye shadow goes right into the case of other lost shadows that never made it back out. 


Because I’m terrified and clueless how to shade my eyes with all the colors. The sun was in my eyes below but I was also frustrated that it looked horrible. Just 6 months ago, (second photo) I used the same quad using only the orange-y insert.

The new shadow may get 1-2 more appearances over the next few weeks but that’s it. I thought, “Does anyone else feel this way?” I hope I’m not alone! Do you see the #’s 3 and 4? Hands down, those are the scariest, most beautiful colors in the quad. 

Avon Desert Sunrise Eye Shadow Quad
Avon Desert Sunrise Eye Shadow Quad


Avon Eye Shadow

Avon created the perfect shadow formula. They don’t yet offer full scale palettes year round but you can snag a holiday palette at the end of this year. The model below is wearing Warm Sunrise w/ an appearance from the Glimmer Liquid Shadow. You can find these both here


There’s no right or wrong way honestly.

No matter who you are, ladies, trans ladies, or even men; We all deserve to spice things up with our looks when it calls for some updating. Truthfully, practice with applying your shadow may never look like the filtered images we see everywhere. Use what colors feel good and easy for you, dampen your applicator tip to get vibrant color application, and enjoy. I’d suggest waiting for Halloween to use those deep shades in your palette if you don’t trust yourself. 

Get Into Liquid Eye Shadow Glam

Available in 8 colors, 4 glitter + 4 shimmer, this one only takes a little and goes a long way. The world’s most popular MUA’s have demonstrated Avon’s newest Liquid shadow and used their fingertip to dab after one stroke of the wand. Amazingly, water resistant, I couldn’t wait for this to launch in the summer heat!

Avon Reps got these first as demos with demo pricing. When you sell Avon online, you’ll have access to first launch products weeks before they launch. 

Let’s Makeup, Luxe Lip & Eye Options

Pair a turquoise under eye liner with a dark over lid liner to create a seducing daytime look for work. Accent your eyes with an Avon True Color Lipstick in a neutral brown or pink tone and complete a look perfect for a subtle attention grabber. Btw, the teal shadow quad below is a limited edition.

avon campaign 19 your look screenshot.png

Face it, we’ve got a mask for that.

Explore Avon masks covering every skin concern you can imagine. I personally love that Black mineral mask to clean my pores and get rid of any acne bumps I have. 


We’re feeling blue. Avon Blue Surf Collection.

I once read that the color blue calms the soul. It was when I was thinking of painting my bathroom. I never made the blue wall come to life but I do crave blue stones in exotic jewelry. Avon’s Blue Surf Collection gives me all the feels.  p570.jpg

Before you walk out the door. Layer!

Did you know layering fragrances helps the scent last longer? Start with a shower gel, touch up your arms, feet, and elbows with a lotion, and set the scent with a spritz of perfume. You can do this with many different combinations. I have a friend who has a certain B&BW lotion that she layers with Avon Haiku Flower. She stops the show with it everywhere she goes.  p562 (1).jpg